10 Cutest Dog Breeds to Ever Exist


This breed is a cross between a Maltese and a toy poodle or miniature poodle. Super cute and fun.

Chow Chow

Often described as looking like a little bear or lion, the chow chow is a breed from China that dates back to 206 B.C. These dogs are protective (in Asia, they were used as temple.


Beagles are one of those breeds that maintain their puppy looks. Beagles are excellent hunting dogs, but did you know their ears can improve the performance of their noses.

French Bulldog

French bulldogs were bred to be little warming blankets for artisans working in chilly shops. The Frenchies would sit in their laps, keeping them cozy.

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers have a personality that matches their face—gentle, loving, and sweet. It's no wonder they are one of the top breeds in the U.S. year after year.

Border Collie

Border collies are medium sized, intelligent, athletic dogs that enjoy working. They love being around people and need a lot of exercise to let their energy out.


The Samoyed’s perpetual smiley face instantly makes anyone with a sweet spot for dogs say, "Aww." This super-fluffy dog may be a dog allergy sufferer's nightmare,.


A Dalmatian is an energetic, playful polka-dotted canine pal that wants to be at your side. They will run with you, fetch, play a game of hide and seek, and nap at your feet.


Pugs likely date back to 400 B.C. in China, where they were called fu dogs or lo-chiang-sze. For thousands of years, this scrunchy-faced pup has endured as a favorite cutie.

Siberian Husky

The distinctive wolf-like look of huskies makes some swoon for all things wild and furry. This giant ball of fur relishes the cooler temps and bounding through the snow.