10 Ideas for Decorating with Chocolate Rum Snowballs

Chocolate Rum

Craft a festive wreath using chocolate rum snowballs, arranging them in a circular shape and adorning with ribbon for a delicious holiday decoration.

Garland Elegance

String chocolate rum snowballs together to create a delectable garland, perfect for hanging on the fireplace or as a sweet accent on the Christmas tree.

Centerpiece Spectacle

Arrange a variety of chocolate rum snowballs in a decorative bowl or tray, creating an edible centerpiece that doubles as a delightful treat.

Tree Ornaments

Attach small hooks to chocolate rum snowballs and hang them on the tree as edible ornaments, adding a tasty twist to your holiday decor.

Candle Holders

Hollow out the center of chocolate rum snowballs to create charming candle holders. Insert tea lights for a warm and delicious ambiance.

Card Holders

Use chocolate rum snowballs as unique place card holders by inserting small name cards into each treat, adding a personalized touch to your table setting.

Topper Extravaganza

Crown your holiday cake with chocolate rum snowballs for a delightful and edible cake topper that will impress your guests.

Wrapping Delight

Attach chocolate rum snowballs to gift packages as charming embellishments, making your presents as sweet on the outside as they are inside.

Buffet Display

Create a visually appealing dessert buffet by arranging chocolate rum snowballs on tiered stands, adding a touch of elegance to your holiday spread.