10 Must-Have Halloween Costumes for Your Pet

Blue Rings

Classic Witch

Transform your furry friend into a magical companion with a classic witch or wizard costume. Complete with a pointed hat and cape

Spooky Skeleton

Whether it's a full-body suit or just a simple skeletal pattern, this costume is sure to turn heads (and funny bones) at any Halloween party.

Fierce Lion

Give your pet the mane event with a fierce lion costume. With a mane and tail, your pet will rule the jungle (or the trick-or-treat route) with pride.

Adorable Pumpkin

Embrace the spirit of the season with an adorable pumpkin costume for your pet. Complete with a vibrant orange body and green stem

Superhero Sidekick

Whether they're channeling their inner Batman or Superman, your pet will save the day (and steal the show) in style.

Ghostly Ghoul

With a white sheet and some strategic cutouts for their eyes, your pet will haunt the neighborhood in adorable fashion.

Cute Bumblebee

Let your pet be the buzz of the town with a cute bumblebee costume. Complete with yellow and black stripes and tiny wings, your furry friend will be as sweet as honey.

Pirate Pooch

With a hat, eyepatch, and maybe even a tiny sword, your pet will be ready to set sail on the high seas (or just raid the treat bowl).

Spooky Vampire

Sink your teeth into some Halloween fun with a spooky vampire costume for your pet. With a cape and maybe even some fangs