10 Surprising Facts About Spritz Cookies

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Historical Origins

Explore the historical roots of spritz cookies, originating in Germany and becoming a beloved holiday tradition worldwide.

Butter is Key

Discover that the secret to the irresistible texture and flavor of spritz cookies lies in the generous use of butter in the dough.

Cookie Press

Uncover the role of the cookie press in shaping spritz cookies, allowing for intricate patterns and festive designs.

Shapes and Sizes

Learn about the versatility of spritz cookies, as they come in an array of shapes and sizes, from simple swirls to intricate holiday-themed designs.

Extracts Galore

Delight in the fact that spritz cookies embrace a variety of flavorful extracts, such as almond, vanilla, or citrus, to enhance their taste.

Swedish Influence

Acknowledge the Swedish influence on spritz cookies, where they are a staple known as "Spritstänger" in the country's culinary culture.

Free Adaptations

Explore surprising facts about gluten-free adaptations of spritz cookies, ensuring that everyone can enjoy these delectable treats.

Flour Variations

Discover the delightful variations that almond flour brings to spritz cookies, providing a unique texture and nutty flavor.

Creative Decorating

Embrace creative decorating techniques used with spritz cookies, from colorful icing to edible glitter, adding a touch of flair to these classic treats.