10 Tips for Identifying the Best Lipstick Colors for Brown 

Skin Tone

Identifying your skin's undertone—cool, warm, or neutral—is crucial. For brown eyes with a warm undertone, opt for lipsticks in warm shades like oranges or reds

Bold Reds

Red lipsticks with a blue base can make brown eyes pop, creating a striking contrast that highlights the warmth in your eyes. Experiment with different shades


Neutral lipstick shades, such as browns and nudes, harmonize with brown eyes, enhancing their natural beauty without overpowering them. Look for shades


Metallic shades like gold and bronze work beautifully with brown eyes, reflecting light and adding warmth. These shades are perfect for evenings

Berry Shades

Berry shades, from raspberry to deep burgundy, can add depth and intensity to brown eyes. These colors are especially flattering in the cooler months and work


For a fresh, daytime look, coral and peach lipsticks are ideal. They bring out the golden flecks in brown eyes and are perfect for spring and summer.


While pink can be tricky, selecting the right shade can illuminate brown eyes beautifully. Avoid overly pale pinks and instead choose richer,


Plum lipsticks offer a bold, sophisticated look that complements brown eyes wonderfully. These shades work particularly well for evening events,


For an adventurous look, blackberry shades offer a unique contrast that can make brown eyes stand out dramatically.