10 Tips for Identifying Your Exotic Shorthair Cat Breed

Curved Dotted Line

Facial Features

Examine the distinctive flat face, large round eyes, and short nose characteristic of the Exotic Shorthair breed.

Compact Body

Note the sturdy, compact body with a broad chest and short legs, distinguishing the Exotic Shorthair from other breeds.

Thick Coat

Notice the dense, plush coat that lies close to the body, providing a soft and luxurious feel when touched.

Variety of Colors

Recognize the wide range of colors and patterns available in Exotic Shorthair cats, including solid, tabby, and bi-color varieties.

Sweet Expression

Observe the sweet and gentle expression often seen in Exotic Shorthairs, reflecting their affectionate nature.


Interact with the cat to assess its friendly and easygoing temperament, characteristic of the breed.

Playful Demeanor

Engage in playtime activities with the cat to observe its playful and curious nature, common among Exotic Shorthairs.

Affectionate Behavior

Notice the cat's tendency to seek out human companionship and display affectionate behavior, including purring and kneading.

Breeder or Shelter

Consult with a reputable breeder or animal shelter staff to confirm the cat's breed identity and gather additional information.