10 Tips to Help You Prepare for the AFCON 2023 Qualification Draw

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Key Stakeholders

Identify the key stakeholders involved in the draw, such as representatives from football governing bodies and participating nations.

Impact on Teams

Discuss the significance of the draw for participating teams, as it determines their path to qualification and the level of competition they will face.

Expectations and Predictions

Offer insights into expectations and predictions for the draw, including potential matchups and groups to watch for in the qualification stage.

Historical Significance

Discuss the historical significance of the AFCON 2023 final between Nigeria and Ivory Coast, highlighting its potential to be a memorable and impactful match in the tournament's history.


Specify the stadium or location where the final match will take place, adding context to the significance of the event.

Match Date

Provide the specific date of the AFCON 2023 final between Nigeria and Ivory Coast, including the day of the week and time of the match.

Date Announcement

Provide the specific date when the AFCON 2023 qualification draw will take place, highlighting the importance of the event in determining the tournament participants.

Venue Information

Specify where the draw will be held, whether it's at a physical location or conducted virtually, adding context to the event.

Draw Process

Explain the process by which teams will be drawn into their respective qualification groups, including any seeding or group allocation methods used.

Participating Teams

Discuss which teams are eligible to participate in the qualification draw and how they qualify for entry into the AFCON 2023 tournament.