Drinks Bartenders Hate Making the Most


Obscure Ingredients

Bartenders dread concocting drinks that require obscure or seasonal ingredients, as sourcing them can be time-consuming and costly.

Customized Orders

Requests for highly customized cocktails with numerous substitutions or modifications can slow down service and disrupt workflow, irking bartenders.

Intensive Creations

Crafting labor-intensive cocktails that involve muddling, shaking, or layering multiple ingredients can be time-consuming during busy shifts.

Excessive Garnishes

Overly garnished drinks, especially those with elaborate fruit skewers or intricate designs, are challenging and time-consuming to prepare.

Multiple Ingredient

Cocktails with an excessive number of ingredients require precise measurement and careful preparation, adding complexity to the mixing process.

Consuming Drinks

Popular but time-consuming drinks like elaborate tiki cocktails or intricate molecular mixology creations can frustrate bartenders during peak hours.

Maintenance Frozen

Blending frozen cocktails, particularly those with multiple flavors or layers, requires constant attention and cleaning of equipment, which can be bothersome.

Overly Sweet

Requests for excessively sweet or strong cocktails can be challenging to balance, leading to dissatisfaction if not executed perfectly.

Complicated Mocktail

Elaborate mocktails with numerous ingredients and complex flavor profiles can be as demanding to prepare as their alcoholic counterparts, testing a bartender's patience.