How to Handle Bartenders Who Hate Making the Most


Approach with Empathy

Understanding that bartenders have busy and stressful shifts can help you approach them with empathy.

Keep it Simple

Opt for straightforward drink orders rather than complex cocktails, minimizing the bartender's workload and potential frustration.

Respect Their Craft

Acknowledge the skill and effort involved in mixology; demonstrating respect for their craft can improve your interaction.

Right Time

Avoid ordering complicated drinks during peak hours; opt for simpler options or wait for a quieter moment to place your order.

Clear and Concise

Communicate your preferences clearly, minimizing the chance of errors or misunderstandings and making the bartender's job easier.

Tip Appropriately

Show appreciation for good service by tipping generously; it not only rewards their hard work but also encourages a positive interaction.

Disruptive Behavior

Maintain appropriate behavior at the bar; being disruptive or impatient can exacerbate a bartender's frustration.

Yourself with the Menu

Take time to review the menu before ordering, reducing the need for prolonged decision-making and showing consideration for the bartender's time.

Positive Relationship

Build rapport with the bartender by engaging in friendly conversation and showing appreciation for their efforts, creating a more enjoyable experience for both parties.