How to Make Chocolate Rum Snowballs  

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Your Ingredients

Collect quality chocolate, rum, and additional ingredients like coconut, nuts, or sprinkles for added texture.

Measure the Rum

Balance the flavors by measuring the rum carefully, ensuring a harmonious blend with the chocolate.

Mix and Melt

Melt the chocolate using a double boiler, then incorporate the measured rum into the melted chocolate for a boozy twist.

Texture and Flavor

Customize your snowballs by mixing in coconut, nuts, or other flavor-enhancing ingredients for a delightful surprise.


Roll the mixture into bite-sized balls, creating uniform snowballs for a visually appealing and consistent treat.

Your Choice

Roll the formed snowballs in shredded coconut, powdered sugar, or cocoa powder, adding a layer of sweetness and texture.

Perfect Consistency

Allow the snowballs to chill in the refrigerator, ensuring they reach the perfect consistency for a satisfying bite.


Get creative by experimenting with various coatings, such as crushed nuts or colored sprinkles, for a personalized touch.

Enjoy and Share

Indulge in your homemade chocolate rum snowballs and share these delectable treats with friends and family, spreading the joy.