New Balance 327 vs. 574: Which Chunky Sneaker Is Right for You


more modern silhouette with oversized branding, while the 574 features a classic and timeless design with a bulkier profile and iconic "N" logo.


the 327's lightweight construction and cushioned midsole provide a more responsive and agile feel, whereas the 574's supportive ENCAP midsole offers stability and durability.


a versatile option for casual and streetwear outfits, while the 574's retro aesthetic lends itself well to athleisure and sporty ensembles.


In contrast, the 574 features a more subdued color palette with classic hues that cater to traditionalists and minimalist styles.

Lifestyle vs. Athletic

the 574's heritage as a performance running shoe makes it suitable for both athletic activities and casual wear, appealing to a broader audience.

Price Point

its fashion-forward design and premium materials, while the 574 offers a more budget-friendly option without sacrificing quality or style.

Brand Preference

come down to personal preference, with some favoring the 327's contemporary design and others opting for the 574's timeless appeal and athletic heritage.

Fit and Sizing

the best fit and sizing for your foot shape and preferences, as fit can vary between different models and styles within the New Balance brand.

Performance Features

the 574 may be preferred for activities requiring more stability and cushioning, thanks to its heritage as a performance running shoe.