The History and Evolution of Squishmallows: From Concept to Craze

Circled Dot

Jack the Black Cat

The OG rare Squishmallow, with only 500 ever made! This spooky cutie can fetch up to $2,000 on resale markets.

Fania the Purple Owl

Another 2017 gem, Fania is a vibrant purple owl with heart-shaped wings. Expect to pay a pretty penny if you find her

Ultra Rare Founders Cat

This special edition kitty, released in 2020 to celebrate Kellytoy's founders, is adorned with their signatures and commands high prices

Axolotl Archie

hese adorable axolotls were super popular in 2020, with Archie, the teal one, being particularly sought-after. His unique grin and vibrant colors make him a fan favorite

Malcolm the Mushroom

This friendly fungi friend comes in various sizes and colors, but the 16-inch fuzzy version is a real treasure.

Avery the Mallard

This dapper duck, often sporting a festive hat, is a regular on "most wanted" lists. His availability varies, making him a prized catch for collectors

Tie-Dye Squad

These vibrant, colorful squads, featuring various characters like cows, dragons, and bears, are all the rage. Finding a complete set can be quite the challenge

Valentine's Day Squad 2023

These cuddly couples, like Ronnie the Rex and Brenna the Brontosaurus, were limited editions and remain highly sought-after, especially by Valentine's Day enthusiasts


This mythical creature finally got the Squishmallow treatment in 2023, and collectors are going wild! His fuzzy brown fur and elusive nature make him a true gem

Any Mystery Squad Squishmallow

The thrill of the unknown! These squads come in surprise packaging, so you never know what cuddly friend you'll find inside. The potential for rare finds makes them highly sought-after.