Top 10 Ways to Convert Our Hand's Bracelet to Yours

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Bracelet Type

Identify the type of bracelet you have and its closure mechanism to determine the best conversion method.

Measure Your Wrist

Use a flexible measuring tape to determine your wrist size accurately, ensuring the converted bracelet fits comfortably.

Remove Links

Adjust the bracelet length by adding or removing links, using pliers and a link remover tool for precise modifications.

Extension Chain

Add an extension chain to the bracelet to provide adjustable length, allowing for a custom fit for various wrist sizes.

Closure Type

Change the closure type of the bracelet if needed, such as switching from a lobster clasp to a toggle closure for easier wear.

Adjustable Clasp

Install an adjustable clasp that allows for easy resizing of the bracelet, accommodating different wrist sizes effortlessly.

Elastic Band

Replace the original closure with an elastic band for stretchability, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit around the wrist.

Decorative Charms

Enhance the bracelet's aesthetics by adding decorative charms or beads during the conversion process, personalizing the design.

Consult a Jeweler

Seek assistance from a professional jeweler for complex conversions or modifications, ensuring precise and expert craftsmanship.