Where Can You Find Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea

Bubble tea, also known as boba tea, has gained widespread popularity, and finding a place to enjoy this delightful beverage is easier than ever.

Bubble Tea Shops

These establishments specialize in serving a wide range of bubble tea flavors and variations, providing a dedicated space for enthusiasts to indulge in their favorite drink.


Many Asian restaurants, particularly those serving Taiwanese cuisine, offer bubble tea as part of their beverage menu.

Boba Trucks

Keep an eye out for mobile bubble tea trucks or stands at local events, food festivals, or outdoor markets.

Coffee Shops

Some coffee shops and cafes have expanded their beverage offerings to include bubble tea alongside their coffee and tea selections.

Food Chains

In recent years, several fast-food chains and quick-service restaurants have added bubble tea to their menus to cater to customer demand for diverse beverage options.

Grocery Stores

Some grocery stores and supermarkets carry pre-packaged bubble tea drinks or DIY bubble tea kits in their beverage or international foods sections.

Delivery Services

With the rise of online delivery services, you can now order bubble tea for delivery straight to your doorstep.


There are numerous recipes and tutorials online to help you create your perfect cup of bubble tea in the comfort of your kitchen.